About Shaon Horef festival

When it’s cold outside, a kind of cold like only in Jerusalem, let us light a fire in your heart.

We invite you to ‘get lost’ and wonder through the alleyways of Jerusalem – to smell, hear, taste, observe, experience, get excited and feel the magic in the air once again.

When night falls on the city, groundbreaking events will surround you. will surround you. will surround you from all directions. You will go into a world in which a houseware store will become a stage and a sidewalk will become a creative space.

Every Monday during February, the doors will open and you will be able to discover the city’s secrets from another angle.

As you wander the streets, surrounded by thousands of people you don’t know, as the rain falls – Enjoy the moment – you’ll feel that you’ve come home.

Trust us and surrender yourself to the moment, along with hundreds of artists, workshops, music, dancing, performance, visual, design, culinary, parties and more.

With love, the Shaon Horef staff

שאון חורף - עיריית ירושלים